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Open lines of communication are essential for students to be successful in the Virtual Program.  Parent or student concerns with individual classes should be addressed to the teacher of that course via phone or e-mail.  Concerns about the student’s overall well-being, technology issues, or attendance concerns should first be addressed with your child’s homeroom teacher.  He or she may make a referral to another member of the Virtual Program staff or the home school, as necessary, to address your question or concern.

Teachers are expected to respond to parents and students within 24 business hours, unless the teacher is out sick.  

Teachers, parents, and students should maintain professional communications at all times.  If you would not say something to a teacher or administrator in a face-to-face meeting, it probably isn’t appropriate in an e-mail either.  Students will be disciplined in accordance with the Code of Conduct if vulgar or disrespectful language is used in any form of communication, including e-mail.