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Middle (Grades Six through Eight)

Homeroom Teachers

All students will be assigned to a homeroom teacher as a primary point of contact for the virtual student and his or her parents.  

Academic Content Areas

Middle school students will participate in all four academic, core-content areas:  English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.  Regular education students can expect to have a different content area teacher for each of these subjects.

Accelerated Math courses will be offered to qualifying middle school students, including Algebra I for high school credit.  The district cannot commit to offering Physical Science for current eighth-grade students or Honors English Language Arts until the demand for these classes can be determined after receiving actual applications.

Study Skills

Special education students may be scheduled with a special education teacher for one or more academic areas and may also be assigned a separate study skills connections class for additional support. Schedules for special education teachers will be created by each student’s Individualized Education Plan team.

Middle School Connections

Connections classes will be offered to students in the areas of career exploration, physical education, health, and Spanish. Gifted learners will have the additional connections offering of Quest.  Career Exploration, Physical Education, Health, and Spanish will be semester-long courses, with students taking two each semester.  Students requiring Quest (Gifted Services) or Study Skills will participate in those courses year-long.

Band, Chorus, and Visual Arts will not be offered as scheduled classes in the virtual program for middle school students.