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Applying for the Virtual Program

Application Submission DEADLINE

A new application must be submitted each year.  Placement in the Virtual Learning Program in one year does not guarantee acceptance for the next school year. Students for whom an application is not submitted will be scheduled in the traditional, face-to-face program.  If lottery drawings are necessary for particular grades, they will be scheduled, announced to the public and broadcast via livestream.  

Note: High school students intending to be fully enrolled in dual enrollment classes (no classes taken at high school) should not submit a virtual program application.

Priority Applications: Children of Virtual Program Employees

Eligible children of full-time employees of the Bulloch County Schools Virtual Program shall receive priority placement in advance of the lottery drawing.

Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities shall follow the same application process, as shown above.  Parents of students with disabilities should discuss their student’s unique needs with the student’s special education case manager to determine if virtual learning is in the best interest of the individual student based on the nature of the disability. This may inform the parent’s decision on whether or not to apply, but Virtual Program placement shall not be a placement decision of an Individualized Education Plan team. The Virtual Learning Program services and supports are more limited than what is provided in the traditional school setting.

Lottery Drawing

In the event that more applications are received than spaces available in the program, lottery drawings will be conducted via a live stream event.  Those not selected for the Virtual Program will be placed on the waiting list in the order drawn. 

Virtual Program Waiting List

The Virtual Program Waiting List will be comprised of students who did not receive a spot in the Virtual Program during any required lottery drawings (in the order drawn after placed students), followed by students who submit applications after the registration deadline (in the order submitted).  Additional spots in the Virtual Program will be evaluated as student and staffing needs are considered.

Withdrawal of Virtual Program Application

Parents may withdraw their child’s application for the Virtual Program through July 15, of the month prior to school beginning in August.  Parents may withdraw the application by emailing the Virtual Program Registrar.  A parent withdrawing from the program will give up their child’s seat in the program to the next student on the waiting list. If a parent wishes to later re-apply for the program, they will need to submit a new application and will go to the bottom of the waiting list.