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General STEAM Resources

Science, engineering, technology, the arts, and math are exciting to study, and you enjoy all the great learning experiences, but do you ever think about how your passion about STEAM can lead to really unique research projects in college and beneficial careers?  Check out these examples from some of our education partners.

Cool Robots

We think robots are cool. How about you?

Watch this video sent to us by Garrett Lee and Ariana Smith of Georgia Southern University. The video talks about the robot they programmed for their senior electrical engineering project. It will be used to assist older adults or people with disabilities with daily tasks. 

Computer Engineering in a Lawnmower?

Watch this video sent to us by Phillip McKenzie of Georgia Southern University. The video shows his automatic lawn mower project.

Engineering a quieter jet engine

Watch this video sent to us by Camille Parker of Georgia Southern University. Learn about her researching and experiments with different fuels to make jet turbine engines quieter.  She also shares about her future with the United States Navy.

Mechanical Engineering- Nanoparticles

Watch this video from Levy McKinney of Georgia Southern University. Learn how growing up on his family's farm led him to choose the field of mechanical engineering.  He will share about his nanoparticle heat transfer project, and how he can neat water with nanoparticles.

Ocean Exploration & Research

Watch this video courtesy of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Office of Ocean Exploration and Research. You will take a tour of the Okeanos Explorer with Ensign Brianna Pacheco, a junior corps officer, and Dan Rogers, a remotely-operated vehicle engineer with the Global Foundation for Ocean Exploration.

Maintaining Water Quality at the Georgia Aquarium

Watch this video from the Georgia Aquarium. Investigate and dig deeper into the saltwater chemical makeup of the Georgia Aquarium's Tropical Diver Gallery. See how maintaining water quality ensures that marine life can thrive. 

Check out these STEAM Podcasts

You may also want to check out the following podcasts and websites for more STEAM fun:

Marine Extension & Georgia Sea Grant

Parents, students and teachers are invited to explore marine science topics at home or in the classroom using these resources created by the Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant's educators. There are activities, lesson plans, and identification sheets that highlight Georgia's coastal flora and fauna, educational activities, and research.

Parent & Family Engagement Specialists

Sherry Jordan  
Sallie Zetterower Elementary, Nevils Elementary, and Brooklet Elementary Elementary

Fran Polk 
Mill Creek Elementary School

Sharon Wilkins 
Julia P. Bryant Elementary, Mattie Lively Elementary School and Southeast Bulloch Middle School 

Angela Boyett Barnes
Portal Elementary, Portal Middle High, and William James Middle 

Chelsi Shutts
912. 678-5341
Stilson Elementary, Langston Chapel Elementary, and Langston Chapel Middle School

Maria Rae
Migrant Family Liaison (All Schools)