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Virtual Learning Registration & Student Information Updates

Bulloch County Schools offers a fully virtual learning option for children in grades Kindergarten through twelfth-grade.  Space in the Virtual Program is limited. 

Note: High school students who intend to fully dual enroll at a post-secondary institution and not take classes at a high school should not submit a virtual program application.

Register for Virtual Learning

Registration for the Virtual Learning Program's 2022 - 2023 school year was March 7 through March 25, 2022. All applications received after March 25, 2022, will be placed on a waiting list. Placements off the waiting list will be considered based on space availability at the end of the first and second nine-weeks of school. Certain exceptions may apply for students with approved hardships. If you wish to register your child, use the link below.

These are important things to remember to make sure your child is able to be a successful virtual learner:

  • Your child will be expected to remain in the program for the entire school year.
  • Your child will be expected to participate in certain lessons with a teacher on specific days and at specific times. 
  • A new Virtual Learning Program application must be submitted each year. This includes those currently participating in the Virtual Learning Program.  Students are not automatically placed based on their prior participation in the program.
  • Placement in the Virtual Learning Program in one year does not guarantee acceptance for the next school year.
  • If lottery drawings are required due to applications in excess of seats available, only applications received by March 25 will be included in the drawing. Any applications received after March 25, will be placed on a waiting list.
  • Students for whom an application is not submitted will be scheduled in the traditional, face-to-face program for the 2022-2023 school year. 
  • If lottery drawings are necessary for particular grades, they will be held on Wednesday, April 13, 2022 as a livestream event.  


Requests to Return to Traditional Learning: Hardship Types

There are only two conditions that may occur, where a parent or guardian may submit a hardship request to the school district to possibly  remove a student from the Virtual Learning Program and  return the student to traditional learning. 

If you believe you have another significant hardship other than the two listed below, please contact Pam Goodman by email or at 762.233.7936. Hardships outside these mentioned allowances are rarely approved.

  1. Hardship Due to change in the Employment Status of the Parent or Guardian: Hardship requests for a mid-year change from the Virtual Learning Program to traditional learning will typically be considered only when a parent or guardian has had a recent job change that prevents them from being able to provide adequate supervision to a younger student enrolled in virtual learning.  If a parent or guardian needs to submit a hardship request for this reason, please follow these steps:
    • Step One:  Print and complete a Hardship Request:  Based on Change of Employment Status of Parent or Guardian Form. (En español)  This is required documentation. Please note that a portion of this form will be completed by your employer.
    • Step Two:  Complete this online Hardship Request, and be prepared to upload or attach the complete form from Step One.
      • If you do not have a scanner, you can take a picture of the completed form and upload the picture file; or
      • Use the Notes mobile application on your cellular phone. Just open the app. Open its camera function, and then select its scan document function to scan the completed form to have a digital file to upload in this step.
  2. Hardship Due to New or Increased Severity of a Medical Condition of a Student or Other Household Member: Hardship requests for a mid-year change from traditional learning to the Virtual Learning Program will typically be considered only when a student or a member of the student’s primary household has developed a new medical condition or experienced an increase in the severity of a medical condition, such that a healthcare provider reports that continuation in traditional learning puts the patient at a significant health risk.  If you need to submit a hardship request for this reason, please follow these steps. At least one form is required documentation.  Please note that a portion of the form will be completed by the healthcare provider.

Withdraw From School

If you decide to withdraw from Bulloch County Schools, please complete the Withdrawal / Transfer Form online.  If you have any technology devices you have checked out, please return those to the Bulloch County Schools Central Office at 150 Williams Road, in Statesboro.

High School Scheduling & Academic Advisement

High school students need to maintain a close relationship with their school counselors regarding their schedules and post-secondary plans.  Any concerns regarding a Virtual Learning Program schedule, interest in academic advisement for post-secondary goals, assistance with scholarship applications, and more, should be directed to the student’s school counselor at their high school.

Update a Virtual Learning Student's Information
  • Residency and Guradianship Updates: If you have had an address change, please send an updated proof of residency to the data clerk or registrar at your child’s zoned school so that our records can be updated.  If there has been a change of custody, please contact the data clerk or registrar for further instructions.
  • Telephone Numbers and Emergency Contacts Updates: Updates to telephone numbers and emergency contacts may be made by the Virtual Learning Program Registrar, Amy Burgin, via email. E-mailed requests to update telephone numbers and emergency contacts must be sent from the e-mail address the school district has on file for the parent or guardian in the primary household.