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High School Graduation Requirements

Students must earn the appropriate number of units listed below to be considered on-track for graduation. Students will be asked to make up course work not passed by attending credit recovery programs or attending Summer Tutorial (fees may be required). Students will not repeat courses which they have passed.  Exceptions to this practice will be made only in extenuating circumstances. Exceptions are to be considered on an individual basis by the principal and are to be documented with details in the student’s academic folder with a statement signed by the principal. Juniors and seniors who are transferring to Bulloch County Schools and have met state graduation requirements may be exempt from additional local requirements. 

Grade Units Required Coursework
9th 6 9th grade English Language Arts
9th grade Social Studies
9th grade Math
9th grade Science
2 Electives
10th 12 10th grade English Language Arts
10th grade Social Studies
10th grade Math
10th grade Science
2 Electives
11th 18

11th grade English Language Arts
11th grade Social Studies
11th grade Math
11th grade Science
2 Electives

12th 24 12th grade English Language Arts
12th grade Social Studies
12th grade Math
12th grade Science
2 Electives

To participate in a graduation ceremony, a student must:

  • Meet all unit requirements.
  • Meet the requirements for a “Diploma of Performance” as specified in a student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP).

Diploma of Performance  

Students with disabilities who have not met the state assessment requirements or who have not completed all requirements for a high school diploma, but have completed his/her Individualized Educational Program are eligible to receive a diploma and participate in the graduation ceremony.