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E-SPLOST IV Progress Report

Project School                                       Committee Rank                                 Project Status
Tier One - Year One Projects (2019 - 2020)    
Technology & Academic Support Equipment & Resources District-wide Unranked adoption
  • Completed - $22 million in upgrades for Classroom technology resources; Classroom technology tools; Collaborative classroom spaces for students and faculty; safety equipment and training; and technology infrastructure. To -date four schools have received classroom furniture and STEM lab furniture spaces as part of school rotation schedule; all schools have received upgrades to school security and alarm systems.  See list of E-SPLOST IV Proposed projects for more detail.
Facilities & Auxiliary Support District-wide Unranked adoption
  • Completed - Rotating playground replacement schedule ($750,000) = $75,000 for each elementary school and $25,000 for each high school pre-kindergarten site. As of August 2019, all playground equipment has been updated at all nine elementary schools and two Pre-K sites at high schools.
Business & Finance District-wide Unranked adoption
  • Completed - The district will redirect certain General Fund expenditures (textbooks, e-books, software, equipment, computers and related equipment, building improvements, and school buses) to its Capital Projects Fund to be paid by E-SPLOST in order to reduce General Fund Budget and preserve the Fund Balance (Savings) of $16 million.
Athletic Fieldhouse Portal Middle High 1 Completed
Bathrooms/Concessions & Improvements to football field Portal Middle High 2 Completed
Bathrooms for baseball field Portal Middle High 3 Completed
Connect building wings on Nevils-Groveland side of school Nevils Elementary 4 Completed
Improvements to athletic fields, concessions, restrooms Langston Chapel Middle 5 Under construction. Estimated completion is July 2022.
Improvements to athletic fields, concessions, restrooms William James Middle 6 Under construction. Estimated completion is July 2022
Increase linear footage of main entrance drive for safety William James Middle 7 Under construction. Estimated completion is July 2022
New School Roof Stilson Elementary 8 Completed
Locker rooms/covered facility at Mill Creek Park for baseball & softball teams Statesboro High 9 Completed
Improve handicap accessibility at football stadium Portal Middle High 10 Completed
Improvements to athletic fields, concessions, restrooms Southeast Bulloch Middle 11 Plan revision:  The Board of Education voted (6-2) at its May 13, 2021 regular session to add the proposed construction of a new Southeast Bulloch High School to its five-year facilities plan. The revisions to the plan include the following: (1) convert the current Southeast Bulloch High School to become Southeast Bulloch Middle School; (2) convert the current Southeast Bulloch Middle School to become a new upper elementary school for grades four and five to serve all Southeast Bulloch area feeder elementary schools (Brooklet, Stilson, Nevils); (3) Convert Brooklet, Stilson, and Nevils elementary schools to serve pre-kindergarten through grade three. Southeast Bulloch Middle School will then have all of the athletic facilities that are currently used by Southeast Bulloch High School.
Fencing around playground area Langston Chapel Elementary 12 Completed
Tier Two - Year Two Projects (2019 - 2020)
Ag Education Barn Portal Middle High 13 Completed
Fencing around playground area Nevils Elementary 14 Completed
Baseball/Softball complex with fields, concession stands, dressing rooms Statesboro High 15 Project deleted with school and district decision to use Mill Creek Regional Park for Statesboro High School home softball & baseball games and practice.
New floors in gyms Langston Chapel Middle, Southeast Bulloch Middle, and William James Middle 16 Completed
Improved playground surface Sallie Zetterower Elementary 17  
Pave sidewalks and add awnings over each end of hallways leading to bus ramps Langston Chapel Middle 18 Completed
Bleachers in Gyms All Middle Schools 19 Completed
Upgrade gym entrance ( lighting, water runoff, landscaping) Langston Chapel Middle School 20 Completed
Track Portal Middle High 21  
Additional parking in front of school Julia P. Bryant Elementary 22 Completed
Irrigation and grassing of empty space at the corner of Lester & Flemming roads Statesboro High School 23 Completed
Tier Three - Year Three Projects (2020-2021)
Right-turn yield access drive in front exit area Sallie Zetterower Elementary 24 Completed
New Roof Nevils Elementary 25 Completed
Level grassy area to create a playing field Julia P. Bryant Elementary 26 Completed
Improvement to softball field (dugouts, concessions, bathrooms) Southeast Bulloch High  27 Completed
New playground Equipment K-5 Portal Elementary 28 Completed
Additional Parking Sallie Zetterower Elementary 29  
Fencing to close in wooded area in back of property Julia P. Bryant Elementary 30 Completed
Fencing to close in playground area Portal Elementary 31 Completed
New playground equipment Pre-K - 5 Portal Elementary 32 Completed
Re-Sod area between playground & closest wing Brooklet Elementary 33 Completed
Pre-K Playground expansion Southeast Bulloch High School 34 Completed
Complete Walking Trail Sallie Zetterower Elementary 35  
Multi-purpose room improvements Portal Elementary 36