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Virtual Summer School

The Graduation Performance Academy is offering a virtual summer school

May 26 - July 10

Open to high school students who just completed grades 9,10, 11, or 12, who need credit recovery options to remain on track to graduate.

Contact your school counselor now to register at any time.

Coursework must be complete by July 10. Look at these benefits:

  • Free
  • No limit of participants
  • Work from home
  • Work at your own pace
  • No home Internet or computer? Contact your school counselor for available options.

Graduation Performance Academy

Earn High School Credits

The Graduation Performance Academy is an alternative learning program offered by Bulloch County Schools. It provides high school students the opportunity to earn required high school credits toward graduation through the online learning platform, Edgenuity. Students can work at their own pace toward their goals of credit recovery or acceleration.

A student who is interested in attending the Graduation Performance Academy, should meet with his or her high school counselor to develop a plan for what course credits he or she needs to complete.  The legal, custodial parent or guardian will then be asked to give his or her consent. Once this is obtained, a student can attend.

Why is credit recovery necessary?

High school success and a student's path to graduation is not:

  • “I got promoted to the next grade level” or
  • “ I’ve gone to high school four years.”

High school success and your path to graduation is: 

“I am on track to earn 24 academic & elective credits to graduate.”

  • 4 academic & 2 elective course credits freshman year
  • 4 academic & 2 elective course credits sophomore year
  • 4 academic & 2 elective course credits junior year
  • 4 academic & 2 elective course credits senior year

If a student has not earned the proper amount of high school course credits due to not mastering a course or for other reasons, he or she needs to recover those credits in order to stay on track to graduate his or her senior year. 

Key Contacts

William James Educational Complex
150 Williams Road, Suite B
Statesboro, Georgia 30458

Tim Rountree, Administrator