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STEM Exploratory Labs

Bulloch County Schools is establishing STEM Exploratory Labs in each of its nine elementary schools for all enrolled K-5 students. The school system piloted this program at Brooklet Elementary, Mill Creek Elementary and Nevils Elementary during the 2015-16 school year, and after its success, the district and school administrators have committed to implement labs in each elementary school.

All of the district's nearly 5,000 K-5 students will cycle through the labs at least 45 minutes each week, just like they do art, music and physical education.  While there they will have the opportunity to solve real-life problems and collaborate on projects related to science, math, technology and engineering.

Bulloch County Schools has multiple STEM-related community partners, who collaborate with our schools on STEM experiences, events and projects:  Georgia Southern University's Interdisciplinary STEM Institute; GA Southern's Center for Sustainability; and multiple STEM-related departments at the university.

Key Contacts

Teresa Phillips
Assistant Superintendent


Mandy Motes 
Administrative Assistant

Dr. Julie Chance
Executive Director of Program Improvement


Kelly Spence
Executive Director of Curriculum & Instruction


Leslie Schlierf
Executive Director of Special Education Services & Support


School Improvement Directors

Georgianna Darsey, Director
Federal Programs

Dee Dee Bennett, Director
Pre-Kindergarten & Early Learning 912.212.8551

Dr. Casey McNeely, Director
School Improvement 

Jeff Giddens, Director
School Improvement 
Research Request Protocols

Debbie Sarratt, Director
Health; Physical Education; Fine Arts; Sexuality Education 

Sandra Adams, Director
School Improvement

Keith Wilkey, Director
School Social Work

Secretarial Support

Amanda McQuaig 
Administrative Assistant
for Kelly Spence 

Jennifer Agnew, Secretary
for Darsey  

Cyndi Westberry, Administrative Assistant for Adams, McNeely, Bennett, & Sarratt 

Technology Support

Patrick Mulinix, Technology Liaison