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Hospital Homebound

Hospital Homebound services (HHB) are provided for children who meet the eligibility requirements outlined in Bulloch County Schools' procedures.  Children with a medical issue, who are anticipated to be absent 10 consecutive days in elementary or middle school or three (3) consecutive days in a high school with block scheduling, may be eligible for HHB services.  It is the goal of our HBB staff to work closely with the family, the physician and the student's assigned school in order to facilitate a smooth, successful transition for the student upon returning to the regular school program.


The HBB referral form is located below, or you may contact the school nurse at your child's campus to obtain a form.  The form must be completed by an attending physician, signed by the parent/guardian, signed by the principal of the school where the child attends.  The parent/guardian must then submit the completed form either directly to the director of Early Care and Student Services or via the school nurse.  For questions, contact Leslie Schlierf, executive director of Student Support Services.

Once your child is approved for HBB services, our HBB teachers will provide academic instruction that enables your child to keep up with academic responsibilities while at home for medical needs. It is the goal of Hospital/Homebound staff to work closely with the family and your child's assigned school to facilitate a smooth and successful transition for the child upon returning to a regular school program.

 Hospital Homebound Referral Form (PDF)


Leslie Schlierf, Executive Director

Special Education Services



Paula Jacobs, Assistant Director

Special Education Services



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