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Pre-Kindergarten Guidelines

Pre-Kindergarten registration for the 2018-2019 school year was March 1 - March 9, 2018. You may contact our Pre-Kindergarten Director Dr. Yvette Ledford at or 912.212.8558 or Jennifer Agnew at or 912.212.8570 to inquire about our upcoming lottery drawings, waiting lists, or availability at sites outside your zoned school or at local private Pre-K centers.

To register for Pre-Kindergarten, parents & children must meet the following guidelines:


Student Age, Residence, & Attendance Zone

  • Students must be four-years-old on or by September 1, of the current school year.
  • Parents/Guardians must be residents of Bulloch County.
  • Parents/Guardians can pick up a registration packet at the school their child is zoned to attend (find your attendance zone). All completed packets must be returned to the attendance zone school for processing.
  • Children of multiple births (i.e. twins, triplets, quadruplets, etc.) will be treated as one applicant during the Pre-K lottery. However, separate registration packets must be completed for each child.The enrollment of children of multiple births will not exceed the state allowance without prior approval from Bright from the Start.  
  • Registration packets must be returned to the zoned school by the deadline of March 9, 2018, to be placed in the lottery.
  • Children whose registration packets are received after the registration window will be placed on a waiting list.
  • Parents may not submit multiple registration packets for the same child regardless of custodial residency.    
  • Priority is given to children within a school's attendance zone. Selection is based on a lottery drawing.
  • Students from outside a school's attendance zone will be considered if all spaces are not filled with students who live within their attendance zone.

School Calendar, School Day & Transportation

Automatic Placement Conditions

  • Children who meet the above requirements and are children of a Bulloch County Schools full-time employee may obtain automatic placement in a Pre-K classroom. For this to occur, the parent/legal guardian must be a Bulloch County Schools full-time employee during Pre-K Registration Week. Additionally, all registration packets must be completed and submitted during Registration Week to be accepted (no exceptions).
  • Full-time employees, who work at one of our elementary or high schools may choose either the pre-kindergarten site at the school in which they work or the pre-kindergarten site at their attendance zone school. Our full-time employees, who work at a middle school, may select their attendance zone school or feeder school. All other full-time employees must select their attendance zone school for automatic placement. 
  • Children who receive automatic placement will be distributed among the pre-k classes and/or schools within the attendance zone as needed.  
  • Priority is given to students with certain special needs, and six of these students will be selected as automatic placements for the Inclusion Classroom located at Mattie Lively Elementary before the lottery each year. Other students with special needs may be considered for automatic placement in any Pre-K classroom before the lottery.
  • Students with special needs are considered for automatic placement on a case-by-case basis; not all students will receive automatic placement.  
  • If it is determined that a child has received placement in a state-funded pre-k program by the second state roster reporting deadline, the child will be removed from the waiting list.