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Academic Competitions

Bulloch County Schools supports providing students ways to apply their academic skills. The school system and its schools encourage student participation in local, regional, state and national competitions for academic subjects. We facilitate students' participation in a variety of academic competitions hosted by various organizations.  Bulloch County Schools and its schools, through funding from local corporate sponsors and grant funds from the Bulloch County Foundation for Public Education, has also established its own local and regional competitions, most of which are open to public, private and homeschooled students in Bulloch County and the region.  Check out this page's links to the academic competitions available.

Academic Support Services

Dr. Virginia Bennett

Executive Director
Academic Support Services K-12


Cyndi Westberry

Administrative Assistant


Dee Dee Bennett, Director
All Subjects K-12


Dr. Casey McNeely,  Director

All Subjects & Gifted  Svc. (QUEST)



Dr. Yvette Ledford, Director

All Subjects K-12 & Prekindergarten Program



Jeff Giddens, Director

All Subjects K-12 & STEM


Jennifer Agnew, Secretary