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Academic Support

Bulloch County Schools' Academic Support Services Department is responsible for the following areas:

  • Implementation of the Georgia Standards of Excellence and the Georgia Performance Standards
  • Selection of locally-approved, guaranteed viable curriculum to support the teaching of these standards
  • Modeling best instructional methods for faculty
  • Development of common assessments for all subjects
  • Provide gifted instruction for grades one through eight
  • Support for faculty and students in instructional technology

As a public school system we teach the academic standards set by our state, which are currently the Georgia Standards of Excellence and the Georgia Performance Standards. We welcome the opportunity for our parents and educators to give objective and constructive feedback on these standards.With highly qualified faculty in place, the school system seeks their input to select curriculum materials that they and administrators feel are best to teach the standards. The selection of curriculum is always a local decision.


While the state sets academic standards, it is our job locally to ensure that we hire the most highly qualified faculty to teach the standards. In Bulloch County we invest in continued professional learning for our faculty to help them be most effective. We also provide proper time for faculty to plan and collaborate with their subject- and grade-level peers in professional learning communities (PLCs). 

Because Bulloch County Schools uses PLCs in our system, these are a natural vehicle for faculty and administrators to constantly gather feedback on standards, curriculum and teaching methods. This helps ensure that our faculty are well-trained and well-prepared to lead students to success.



  • In grades one through eight, academically advanced students are eligible for the gifted program's QUEST  classes.
  • Accelerated high school students can take Advanced Placement classes for possible college exemption credit.
  • College and career pathways are available.
  • Georgia's Move on When Ready program offers high school students post-secondary options while still in high school. 
  • Comprehensive special education programs offers eligible students all services outlined in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).  Types of services offered include collaborative and inclusion classes, pullout resource classes and self-contained classes. The district employees certified speech therapists and occupational therapists.

Key Contacts

Dr. Virginia Bennett

Executive Director
Academic Support Services K-12


Cyndi Westberry

Administrative Assistant


Dee Dee Bennett, Director
All Subjects K-12


Dr. Casey McNeely,  Director

All Subjects & Gifted  Svc. (QUEST)



Dr. Yvette Ledford, Director

All Subjects K-12 & Prekindergarten Program



Jeff Giddens, Director

All Subjects K-12 & STEM


Jennifer Agnew, Secretary