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Bus Safety Expectations for Students

Basic Bus Safety Expectations

Bulloch County Schools is considered a leader in the state's Pupil Transportation Services for its school bus safety training for students and drivers.  All students, whether they ride a bus daily or not, receive school bus safety training every year during the first few weeks of school. This is critical because in the last few years, Georgia has led the nation in bus fatalities, and 92 percent of these occurred while loading or unloading a school bus.

Buses are like a classroom

Bulloch County Schools' buses are considered extensions of our classrooms, so all school and classroom rules apply to school buses as well. As a result, student behavior is governed by the school district's Code of Conduct and any infractions will result in discipline by the school, and the privilege to use school buses for transportation to school, school trips, or athletic events can be revoked.

Safety: Bus Stop Loading & Unloading

These are basic expectations for you and your child to help ensure your child's safety while riding a school bus. We greatly appreciate your cooperation.

  • Have all items in your book bag before you leave home or school so that you do not risk dropping items as you board, be tempted to retrieve them, and a driver not see you. If you drop something, leave it and move to a point out of the Danger Zone. Do
    not pick it up without getting instructions from the bus driver.
  • Be at your assigned bus stop five minutes before your scheduled stop time.
  • Wait 15 feet from the edge of the road and do not cross the road until you get the signal from the driver.
  • Walk, don’t run, straight towards the bus door when loading and straight toward the school when unloading.
  • Stay away from the Danger Zone areas around the bus so the bus driver can see you.
  • Always stay away from the front and rear bus tires.
  • Before crossing the road, make eye contact with the driver and get a thumbs-up signal which indicates it is safe to cross.
  • Do not try to get on the bus as it starts to move.
  • Get on the bus, go directly to your assigned seat, and stay seated.
  • Get off bus and go straight to your home.
  • Clothing should not have a drawstring that could get caught in the bus handrails. All clothing should be worn so the child can safely enter and disembark from the bus.
  • Written permission from parent or legal guardian and signed by the principal, is required for a child to ride a bus to which he or she is not assigned. The note should show the child’s name, destination address and date.
  • Never chase after a bus.
  • Never walk to another bus stop.
  • Never allow your parents to drive you to another bus stop.
Safety: While Riding a Bus
  • Respect the driver and other students.
  • Get on the bus, go directly to your assigned seat and stay seated.
  • Keep your hands and book bags in your lap.
  • No radios, cassette players, compact disc players, or digital video disc players may be used without headphones.
  • Toys,balloons, balls, bats, sharp objects or live animals are not permitted on the bus.
  • No eating, drinking or chewing gum. This could result in choking.
  • No loud talking. Keep your voices low so the driver can listen for other students or emergency vehicles.
  • No profane language. 
  • Fighting is not allowed.
  • All rules in your classroom also apply on the school bus.
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