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2019 Speak Up for Education Sessions

(Speak Up for Education 2019 is scheduled for Thursday, February 28, from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m., at Statesboro High School. Please join us. 

Spanish translation is available for our sessions. Please note in the session descriptions which session time offers translation services.


5:30  Registration, Free Pizza Supper & Community Resource Fair Open (Open throughout the event)

6:00-6:20 Welcome from Superintendent

6:25-7:10 Session One (choose your session from list of options)

7:15-8:00 Session Two (choose your session from list of options)

All sessions provide opportunities for your input and questions


Select up to two sessions to attend from these available options:

  • Literacy: Reading Strategies to Use with Your Child at Home  by DeeDee Bennett, Director of Academic Support

Family members are important influences on a child’s educational success. The goals of reading are to understand written text, integrate new ideas, and generalize from what is read. As a parent, what should you know about reading comprehension to help your child improve his/her skills and achieve those goals? What are the things your child needs to do to understand what he/she reads? Learn some skills necessary for good reading and ways you can help at home. Room: C-107Translation:  Session One 6:25-7:10


  • Understanding Your Child’s Social & Emotional Learning by Dr. Deborah Mangum, Executive Director of Student Support

Bulloch County Schools seeks to address the needs of the whole child through a variety of methods. We are incorporating social and emotional learning into our curriculum to provide students with direct instruction about behavioral expectations, social norms, and overall success strategies for school and life. Several of our schools have implemented structured programs to teach students leadership, responsibility, teamwork, problem solving, and more. Six of our nine elementary schools have adopted the Leader in Me curriculum as the basis for instruction and activities that support enhanced academic outcomes, increased school climate scores, and decreased disciplinary incidents. Learn about the successes we are seeing in our schools and how you can support these efforts at home. Room: C-110. Translation:  Session One 6:25-7:10


  • How to Support Academic Success at Home (Available during Session One only from 6:25-7:10 p.m.) by Georgi Darsey, Director of Federal Programs

Extensive research shows that students achieve more in school when their parents are involved in their education.  Parent involvement leads to better classroom behavior, lifts teacher morale, and increases the academic success of the student.  In this session, participants will hear updates from parent representatives who sit on the State Superintendent’s Parent Advisory Committee. Learn about strategies and resources that can be implemented at home to help support your child’s success. Also, discuss barriers and challenges parents may face and brainstorm solutions. Room: C-105. Translation: Session One  


  • Graduation Performance Academy - A Night School Option for High School Students (Available during Session Two only from 7:15 – 8:00 p.m.) – Georgi Darsey, Director of Federal Programs; Tim Rountree, Transitions Learning Center Administrator; and Talana Hobbs, Transitions Learning Center Counselor

    Bulloch County School uses Title V, Part B federal funds to provide a night school program. It is a non-traditional option for high school students to earn academic credits.  The program uses both online and direct instruction by certified teachers. Students work at their own pace to recover academic credits or speed their path to graduation. Transportation and meals are provided. Come discover if this is an option for your child or children you know.  Room: C-105. Translation:  Session Two

  • Middle Grades Gifted Education by Dr. Casey McNeely, Director of Academic Support K-12 & Gifted

Bulloch County Schools is exploring future possibilities for its middle school gifted program. The Board of Education recently received an update about these possibilities, and the school system held a series of parent input sessions at each middle school. This session is an opportunity to continue the conversation. Learn how gifted learners are served. Provide your input about what you believe is most important when providing these services. Room: C-114Translation services by request.


  • Bulloch County Schools Calendar 2020-2021 by Troy Brown, Chief Financial Officer

Bulloch County Schools’ Calendar Committee began meeting last semester to develop calendar options for the 2020-2021 school year.  Our primary considerations are what is best for students and their academic success.  This session will gather input from parents and the community for this and future calendars. Room: C-131. Translation: Session Two 7:15 – 8:00.


  • School Safety by Todd Mashburn, Director of School Safety 

The school district’s director of safety will provide a brief overview of the district’s priorities and training, including the latest protocols that pertain to surviving an active shooter event and how the school district is implementing training and drills to enhance the safety of our children. Using the Final Report of the Federal Commission on School Safety as the framework for how the school district is centralizing its resources in the area of school safety, parents will learn valuable information about how to better ensure their child’s safety and what they can do to assist the school district in accomplishing these goals. There is also an opportunity for questions about school safety. Room: Media Center. Translation: Session Two 7:15 – 8:00.


  • Social Media and Your Child by Leslie Schlierf, Executive Director of Special Education  

​​​​​​​Bulloch County Schools’ focus on school safety and mental health extends to the arena of social media, including general internet use and gaming. The uses and pitfalls of open access will be discussed, with a focus on social media platforms, applications, gaming systems, rules, dangers and mental health impacts. School rules and legal issues regarding cell phone and computer use will also be discussed. Information will address media access by our youngest learners, even preschool aged. Parents will have some practical take-away strategies to help their child use the internet and social media responsibly. Room: B-113. Translation:  Session One 6:25-7:10