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2017 Board Minutes

The Bulloch County Board of Education approves its official minutes from its previous month's meetings at the current month's regular session meeting (first mtg. of the month). Once approved, they are posted to the website. 

For immediate information about Board of Education proceedings, live video of the meetings is streamed on the school system's website. The school system also posts an archived video of each meeting within one hour of the meeting being adjourned. These are available on the same webpage.

January 12 (PDF) (Organizational Mtg.) July 13 (PDF) (Regular Session)
January 26 (PDF) (Speak Up for Ed.) July 27 (PDF) (Work Session)
February 9 (PDF) (Regular Session) Aug. 10 (PDF) (Regular Session)
February 23 (PDF) (Work Session) Aug. 24 (PDF) (Work Session)
March 8 (PDF) (AdvanED Exit Conference) September 14 (PDF) (Regular Session)
March 9 (PDF) (Regular Session) September 28 (PDF) (Work Session)
March 23 (PDF) (Work Session) October 9 (PDF) (Special Session)
April 13 (PDF) (Regular Session)   October 10 (PDF) (Special Session)
April 22 (PDF) (Called Session) October 12 (PDF) (Regular Session)
April 27 (PDF) (Work Session) October 23 (PDF) (Special Session)
May 2 (PDF) (Board Training) October 26 (PDF) (Work Session)
May 11 (PDF) (Regular Session) November 9 (PDF) (Regular Session)
May 25 (PDF) (Work Session) November 16 (PDF) (Work Session)
June 8 (PDF) (Regular Session) December 14 (Regular Session)
June 22 (PDF) (Work Session)

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