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Board Meeting Agenda

Note:  Posted agendas are tentative.  The agenda is subject to change either prior to the meeting as additional business needs require the Board's attention or during the meeting when the Board may vote to amend the agenda prior to a vote to adopt the agenda.

Called Session

Bulloch County Board of Education

William James Educational Complex

Central Office Board Room

May 24, 2019

12:00 pm



(The Board requests all cell phones be silenced.)

A. Call to Order

B. Executive Session

  •  Student Disciplinary Hearing Appeal

C. Adjourn


Please note: The Executive Session portion of this meeting is closed to the public.

This meeting will not be broadcast live or recorded.

Can't Attend? Be There from Anywhere

The Board of Education's regular and work session meetings can be watched live or later and packets and presentations accessed via these links.

Public Participation at Board Meetings

At Regular Session meetings, the public may address the Board of Education concerning issues other than specific student or individual employee matters. These should be addressed in writing to the superintendent or the chairman of the Board of Education.  


To participate in the Public Participation segment of the meeting, a person will sign their name and topics of concern on the sign-in sheet located at the podium prior to 6:30 p.m.  A three-minute time limit is imposed for each speaker. A public participation time is not included on the agenda of Work Session meetings. 


Items for business may be suggested by Board members, administration, or patrons of the district for inclusion on the agenda. Business items suggested by patrons of the district shall be submitted in writing and received in the Office of the Superintendent at least seven (7) days before the meeting in order to ensure consideration for inclusion on the written agenda.


No speaker shall indulge in personal attacks while speaking. All comments are to be addressed directly to the Board of Education. Personnel concerns may be addressed in writing to the Superintendent or Chair of the Board of Education.


Items of business may not be suggested from the floor for discussion and/or action at the same meeting except at the discretion of the Chair or the majority of Board members present.


Mary Henley
Board Secretary & Custodian of Records
Superintendent's Office

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