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Transportation zone change for Mill Creek Elem. takes effect Aug. 1
Posted 7/17/18

Picture of Mill Creek Elementary SchoolDistrict balances school capacity

to prevent overcrowding 

Bulloch County Schools has changed the bus routes (Transportation Zone) for some Mill Creek Elementary School students. The change will take effect on Aug. 1, the first day of school. The change is necessary to balance student capacity at the district's city elementary schools and prevent overcrowding at MCES. This does not change the school attendance zone for MCES or the other schools.


The school system has contacted the affected families by mail. Students living in the specific affected areas, who ride the bus to school, will now attend either Sallie Zetterower Elementary or Mattie Lively Elementary based on their street address. A list of these areas  was provided to the families and is included below. 


An attendance zone determines the school a child will attend based on the address of the home where he/she lives. A transportation zone is the bus routes and buses which serve the area around a home. These can be changed more easily and can more quickly compensate for population spikes in an attendance zone.  SZES’s and MLES’s faculty are ready to welcome Mill Creek Elementary families and make them feel at home at their new school. 


Why is a transportation zone change necessary?

MCES, with its current student enrollment of 725 students, is at 96 percent of its maximum student capacity of 756 students; therefore, the school is not able to support expected student growth for the 2018-2019 school year.  SZES has 714 students, which is only 75 percent of its available capacity of 908 students. MLES has 624 students, which is only 66 percent of its available capacity of 945 students. Since our newer schools were built with excess capacity to accommodate growth, it is necessary to move some students. This will alleviate overcrowding at MCES and balance capacity.


Does this affect MCES’s recently registered prekindergarten students?

If your child is registered to attend Mill Creek Elementary for Pre-kindergarten, your child can remain at MCES for Pre-K.  If you live on one of the affected streets, and your Pre-K student needs bus transportation, please contact our Transportation Department at 912.212.8640.


If I do not want my child to move to SZES or MLES, can he/she remain at MCES?

Yes, if your child currently rides a bus and you live in the affected area but wish for your child to remain at MCES, you can keep them there but you will have to provide transportation for your child to school.  The school system will not be able to provide bus services for you.  If you choose to remain at MCES and forego any bus services, please contact MCES to make them aware.


My child receives ESOL or student support services at school.  Will this change if we move?

No. We meet the academic, support and language needs of students throughout our school system. We will continue to meet your child’s specific needs to help make him/her successful in school.


What are the affected areas, and where will my child attend school if we live in one of the affected areas?


If your child is a MCES student, you live on one of these streets, and you need bus transportation, you will now be transported to Sallie Zetterower Elementary for school. You can attend SZES's Open House on July 30.  


Edgewater Court

Lakeshore Court

Peg Wen Boulevard

Teresa Drive

Sherwood Court

Bel Air Drive

Thunderbird street

Camero Court

100-132 Beasley road

Cindy Lane

Cindy Lane Mobile Home Park

Meadowlark Circle

Cardinal Drive

W. Mockingbird Lane

E. Mockingbird Lane


If your child is a MCES student or a LCMS student, you live on one of these streets, and you need bus transportation, your child will now be transported to either Mattie Lively Elementary or William James Middle School for school. You will attend these schools' Open House events on July 30.


66 Packinghouse Road

61 Packinghouse Road