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Board Meetings Live

Board of Education meetings can be watched live or later and packets and presentations accessed via these links.

When the date is an active link, the live stream is available. The next live stream session is

January 24, 2019

Archived Board Meeting Videos

BOE Mtg Nov 29 2018
BOE Mtg Nov 8 2018
BOE Mtg Oct 25 2018
BOE Mtg Sept. 13 2018

The next live stream Board meeting event is 

November 29, 2018 - Regular Session

The live stream is available when the event date hyperlink is active. Videos are removed after 9 weeks.

Mary Henley
Board Secretary & Custodian of Records
Superintendent's Office

Open Records Requests:


Edenfield, Cox, Bruce & Edenfield

Legal Counsel

115 Savannah Avenue

Statesboro, GA 30458