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School Zones

Bulloch County Schools uses school attendance zones and school transportation zones to determine where a child will attend school.  For your convenience, we have provided interactive search engines for both based on your address.


What is an Attendance Zone?

Children attend a specific school based on where their parent(s)/guardian(s) live.  This is an attendance zone.  A child may only attend a school outside of their zone if approved for a public school choice transfer (HB 251) or if the child requires special education services that are not available at their zoned school (SB 10).


What is a Transportation Zone?

Transportation zones are bus routes that deliver children to specific schools.  Bulloch County Schools may alter school transportation zones to balance populations between schools. In these instances a child that requires bus transportation may attend a school that is not his/her attendance zone school.


In 2015, Bulloch County Schools did alter the transportation zone for Langston Chapel Elementary and Sallie Zetterower Elementary. If you are new to these schools, check out the Zone Change Notice information below to see if it affects your residential area or contact either school.

Find Your School Attendance Zone

You can use this online tool from the Bulloch County Tax Assessor's website to find your school zone based on the owner's name, physical address, lot parcel number of your residence and more. Click Here to access the site.


Once you have entered the information to search and locate your property and your property information appears, follow these instructions to access your school zone:

  • Click once on the Layers tab at the top left of the site menu bar to open the layer options.
  • Click on the "zoning" option from the layer menu.
  • Check either the elementary, middle or high school box under the school option from the layer menu.
  • Your attendance zone school name will appear over your property location on the map.

Find Your School Bus Stops

WebQuery helps you determine the available bus stops if you need transportation services. For the eligible middle and high school, be sure to select the grade level. 


To find your nearest school bus stops: Click on this WebQuery link.  Be sure to enter both your address and the grade level of your child. Once the site determines your school and it appears on the screen, the school's name is a hyperlink.  Click the name of the school to reveal available bus stops in your area for that school.


Note this Transportation Zone Change for Langston Chapel Elementary School Students: 

If your school attendance zone is Langston Chapel Elementary and you need bus transportation for your child, please note that there was a transportation zone change for this school depending upon your address.  If you live in one of the areas listed here, and your child rides the bus, then your child will attend Sallie Zetterower Elementary School.  If you wish for your child to remain at LCES, you may do so if you provide transportation instead of using bus services. The attendance zone for these areas did not change. They still remain zoned for LCES. This change only applies to children who live in these areas and who need bus transportation.

Transportation Zone Change Notice for LCES & SZES

Bulloch County Schools adjusted the  transportation zones for Sallie Zetterower Elementary School (SZES) and Langston Chapel Elementary (LCES) in 2015. This change only affects students who ride a bus to school. Attendance zones, which are based on property addresses, did not change for either school. 

Letter to Parents about the change

List of areas within the new transportation zone

Key Contacts

Paul Webb, Chief Operations Officer



Janet Tanner, Transportation Supervisor



Margaret Brown Hill, Administrative Assistant



Quick Links


Bus Safety Expectations (PDF)

Young Bus Rider Form (PDF)

School Choice Transfer Request Form*

*(HB 251) - Currently not available. The annual window for this type request is open May 1 - May 19, 2017